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Standards of Behavior

   Central California Pipe Band Cooperative Standards of Behavior

At all times, while at any event, meeting, or contest, all members of the Central California Pipe Band Cooperative, (CCPBC), are expected to abide by the following Standards of Behavior:

1.         CCPBC members are expected not to engage in any conduct or behavior that results in disrespect towards any other member of the CCPBC, towards any other member, or members of any other piping and drumming association, towards any adjudicator, towards any contest sponsor, or towards any member of the general public.  Speech that incites illegal activity; that includes fighting words causing immediate reaction; that includes obscene or lewd language; and gestures that are obscene or lewd may be cause for that CCPBC member, or members, disqualification at contests and/or suspensions of membership.  Verbal Harassment and Sexual Harassment while at a CCPBC event, meeting or contest may be cause for immediate disqualification and/or suspension.      

2.         CCPBC members are expected to abide by the CCPBC Bylaws, CCPBC Contest Rules, and CCPBC Standards of Behavior while in attendance at CCPBC Sponsored Contests, and contests of any other piping and drumming associations if and as applicable.  The   manipulation of pipe band membership rosters to gain an unfair advantage at a CCPBC sponsored contest, or contests may be cause for that band, or bands, disqualification.  CCPBC members while at any contest, meeting, or event shall not encourage any other CCPBC member, or member of any other piping and drumming association to change membership from one pipe band into another pipe band.  Discussions regarding membership in the CCPBC and with other piping and drumming associations are to be held in a respectful, dignified, and professional manner.     

3.         Adjudicators at CCPBC sponsored contests shall perform their assigned duties in appropriate traditional highland dress.  Performance evaluations are expected to be written legibly, and with appropriate comments to assist and encourage the solo and pipe band competitors to improve their future performances.  Obscene and/or lewd comments, if made, may be cause for suspensions and removal from the CCPBC approved adjudicator listings, and future engagements as an adjudicator at CCPBC sponsored contests.

4.         While at CCPBC sponsored contests, CCPBC solo members, and CCPBC member pipe bands shall participate in contests and massed band events in appropriate traditional highland dress and to conduct themselves in a dignified and professional manner.  Any disagreement regarding contest results is expected to be handled as a protest per the CCPBC Bylaws and Contest Rules.  Loud arguments and shouting matches are typically not respectful, are not dignified and are not professional.  


Adopted February 19, 2023

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