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Purpose of the Organization

The Central California Pipe Band Cooperative was founded on February 19, 2023 as a cooperative effort between six pipe bands in the Central California area.  Each of the six pipe bands were not, and had not been members of the Western United States Pipe Band Association, AKA WUSPBA, for several years.  These six pipe bands were therefore not eligible for any of the benefits and programs offered by the WUSPBA.  By forming the Central California Pipe Band Cooperative the six bands enabled themselves to begin to formulate and offer to themselves, and to Highland Gathering sponsors, benefits similar to those provided by the WUSPBA at significantly lower costs with cooperative efforts.  Membership in the CCPBC is absolutely voluntary, and benefits offered by the CCPBC are for any piper, drummer, pipe band and contest sponsor in the Central California area, as well as to any and all other pipe bands, pipers, and drummers. 

The Motto of the CCPBC is:  For the Music & the Musicians. 

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