Child Care Professionals of BC is a non-partisan organization that represents Licensed Family Child Care, Licensed Group Child Care, Licensed Out of School Care, and Licensed Multi-age Child Care, whether the centres are private, public or not-for-profit.

We promote a single child care sector, committed to improving child care quality across the province. It is our fundamental belief that all types of child care are needed to meet the needs of families in BC – this is what makes our association a success.

Our goal is to ensure exceptional, quality care for all children in British Columbia and that all providers be equal partners in seeing this goal to fruition. We seek to lift up the diverse voices in child care and make quality the priority of the entire child care sector.

We have more work to do if our dreams are to become a reality. The CCPBC is committed to organizing this sector in order to make child care in BC a success for everyone.  We support one another because together there is nothing we cannot accomplish.